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Film Crews Visit Kona Sea Salt™ for PBS Series

Chef Craig Priebe chooses the best of the best

  • The Big Island was chosen for the pilot program because some of the tastiest salt in the world is produced here
  • Chef Craig Priebe hosts the youthful, fast-paced style show of great food and lively music
  • George Elder, president of Luminair, chose Kona Sea Salt and facility to feature  in first episode/pilot.


Mera Reduces Quarterly Loss

Honolulu Star Bulletin, Jan 29, 2010, Dave Segal

  • Warns it expects to continue to incur smaller operating losses for the 2010 fiscal year
  • Mera lost $100,410 in three-month period ending Oct. 31, 2009, versus $1.8 million loss in year-ago period
  • Mera reached an agreement for bulk purchase of Kona Deep Sea Salt from unsold inventory


Enjoying Life in the Tropics.

Honolulu Star Bulletin, Jun 28, 2009, Allison Schaefers

  • The economy might be down, but the Friday night crowd at Tropics Bar & Grill obviously didn’t get that memo.
  • Vigilla, who grew up on a farm in Hilo, is making it his mission to use local ingredients in his menus and to endorse the products.
  • The diversity of Hawaii’s agriculture is incredible,” Vigilla said. “From Kahua Ranch beef to Hamakua mushrooms, from Hawaiian vanilla (the only vanilla farmed in the United States) to Kona Sea Salt — the selection is so vast.