Canadian Pharmacy Product Overview

Canadian Pharmacy by Mera offers a wide range of products and services beginning with basic research, product development, production and highly marketable finished goods.  Our patented technology, experienced team and location are all assets in developing and producing the highest quality products for health-minded consumers.

Mera has been established in Kona for over 12 years, has experience with over 40 microalgal species on small and large scale, as well as a few seaweed species.  Mera’s team has over 30 years combined experienced working with algae.

The Kona Research, Development and Production Facility is located at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA), which provides unique resources for the cultivation of microalgae and seaweeds.

The ideal climate with plentiful sunshine (highest of any location in the coastal United States) and low rainfall (less than 15 inches per year) allows year round cultivation in optimal conditions.

Our valued deep sea water is naturally used as the Kona Sea Salt source, but at 6 degrees Celsius, it is also available for cost effective cooling purposes, as well as for growing salt water plant species.

Pristine and pure, rich in trace minerals and elements, our deep sea water provides us with the foremost 100% natural sea salt in the world, Kona Sea Salt.

The facility is in close proximity to the Kona International Airport allowing ready access to both the mainland and Asia, two areas of the world that have large markets, and where “Made in Hawaii” has particular market appeal.