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Film Crews Visit Kona Sea Salt™ for PBS Series

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Lights! Camera! Action! This was the start to the new year for Kona Sea Salt™, as a film crew out of Chicago came to visit and learn more about our Hawaiian, deep, sea salt.

The Chicago based company, Luminair, is the producer of the very popular series “Mexico:  One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless.”  now in it’s 8th season on PBS.  WTTW in Chicago is the distributor of the Bayless series and is the production partner for a new TV series for PBS tentatively called “Flavor Hunting with Chef Craig Priebe.”

WTTW Vice President of Program Development, Fran Harth, says that the Big Island was chosen for the pilot program on account of its beauty, mild climate and because some of the tastiest salt and honey in the world is produced here.

The show is expected to have a youthful, fast-paced style, much like Chef Priebe himself.  Priebe, a cookbook author, former restauranteer and personal chef for the Lester Crown family, hunts for the best, most extraordinary ingredients for his recipes, which he then prepares on camera outdoors in this proposed series.

The message of the show is that Priebe believes that there are keys to unlocking the greatest potential in your everyday cooking. One such key is to find and use simple ingredients which are prepared with the utmost care and thought. These ingredients don’t have to be ultra expensive, just the best in their class.

“This is true of your, (Kona Sea Salt™), world class sea salt which is why we would like to feature your products and facility in our first episode/pilot.” says George Elder, president of Luminair.

Once the pilot has been produced, it will be pitched to PBS and assuming all goes well, funded and aired. Luminair has a great track record with their productions and we certainly hope to see the same success with this new series.

Everyone was a pleasure to work with and a special thank you to the whole crew at: Luminair, Keith Nealy Productions, Visionary Video, VIP Concepts and of course WTTW Vice President of Program Development, Fran Harth.

For information on their visit to other Big Island flavor spots, you can read more at Hawaii 24/7 and the Honolulu Advertisor.

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