Mera can help research and develop your algal based product. Meras team has grown over 40 different microalgal species at small and large scale. In addition to optimization work for the alga used in our own line of products, we have ongoing R&D; projects for federal agencies and private firms. Our patented technology will ensure that you end up with the highest quality product and a competitive advantage in terms of production.

We can help you with the following:

  • research the feasibility of commercial production of a particular microalgae
  • develop an optimized production process
  • develop extraction process for the desired active materials
  • produce the final product for you
  • build a facility for you to produce your own product

Mera can also help with contract drying of a wide variety of products ranging from food products (fruit, vegetables, meats, dairy, herbs and spices, cereals and starches), to nutraceuticals (including microalgae), pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals (such as salt). The products need to be in a puree or liquid for ranging from 2% to 30% solids. Drying is done using a novel system (the MCD Refractance Window Dryer) which has the advantages of preserving natural color, flavor and nutrients while remaining competitive with the price of freeze drying.