Business Strategy

Mera’s business strategy is simple, but elegant: to use our patented technology and superior technical capabilities to develop nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products derived from aquatic microbial plants. Our proprietary intellectual property will limit competition, helping us to preserve our margins, enhancing profitability. As nutraceuticals are subject to only minimal regulatory requirements in the United States (requirements vary considerably throughout the world), we are emphasizing the identification, production and marketing of nutraceuticals to generate a solid revenue stream, building shareholder value.

Success in nutraceuticals will help support our drug discovery effort, which is a higher cost, longer term, higher risk, but much higher reward, endeavor. The principal distribution channel for nutraceuticals is mass retail, food and drug stores. However, plans are also underway for multi-level and direct response marketing. Drug candidates, once discovered, will likely be developed and marketed in cooperation with major pharmaceutical partners.